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Relaxation Workshop

Relaxation is often easier said than done. There are, however, many simple ways to let go of tension and melt fatigue before exhaustion takes hold. This workshop guides participants through a combination of gentle movements, breathing techniques, and practical meditation exercises to leave them refreshed, renewed, and with fresh energy to spare. Individuals learn that head-to-toe relaxation is within easy reach, and harmony of body and mind can be accessed through the breath.

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Maripossa Wellness Mindfulness Workshop

Life, as they say, keeps coming, and we find ourselves being pushed and pulled in many directions at once.  Our minds become overloaded, our emotions get the best of us, and we either shut down or act on impulse.  In moments like this, how do we find the pause button?  Can we simply stop, stand still and move our attention towards our breath, the sensations in our bodies, and come back to the present?  When we create a gap between a thought and an action, we find that we are better able to respond rather than react.  This is the basis for the kind of mindful awareness that helps us to find balance in the midst of challenge.

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Maripossa Wellness Yoga Restorative Workshop

Aches and pains, strained nerves, an exhausted body and brain—these are all symptoms of an overloaded body and mind. By imparting a set of simple techniques, this workshop teaches participants how to let go of tension and fatigue before exhaustion takes hold. Guided through a combination of gentle movements, restorative yoga poses, breathing techniques, and practical meditation, attendees leave refreshed, renewed, and energized  Comfortable clothing and yoga mats and blocks suggested


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Maripossa Wellness Self-Care Workshop

“Self-Care is the Best Healthcare” Behaviors and actions that cultivate presence, confidence, happiness, balance and wellbeing. This workshop will weave together integrative healing techniques that are simple and effective. You will learn and experience self-care tools to apply during critical interactions throughout your day. Learn to incorporate these tools in order to maintain a balance that can positively impact you and your work environment. When people take care of themselves it benefits everyone.


Ready to feel renewed and balanced?