Innovative wellness programming to inspire healthier daily choices and boost employee vitality

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Company performance suffers when employees are overwhelmed and chronically stressed--as does personal health. Most traditional "wellness" programs address the symptoms that result from unhealthy choices, but NOT their systemic roots.  Maripossa Wellness programs are different..

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MARIPOSSA Wellness Programs improve participants’ energy and balance from the start, empowering them to make healthier choices to effect a healthier lifestyle and live more resilient lives. 



Built from the belief that a healthier workforce means a healthier workplace and, in turn, a stronger bottom line, MARIPOSSA Wellness offers innovative solutions for healthier living through a specialized program of training and education, custom-tailored to your company’s needs. As employers and employees learn the foundations of sound health, in-office sessions immerse participants in preventative care, impactful behavior change, and all points in between.

Through the Maripossa Wellness programs, employees gain a toolbox full of "whole person" wellness skills- powerful solutions for stress relief, life balance, self-care, and mindful awareness. It’s this gift that defines MARIPOSSA Wellness's mission, and distinguishes it from the pack.

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Maripossa Wellness is integrative by design, so it concentrates on improved physical health and deepened well-being, teaching participants through physical modalities and self-awareness practices, alike- both of which lead to greater internal  balance, increased vitality and heightened productivity.

About Maripossa


The Maripossa Wellness Method is an integrative approach to well-being that starts with small steps to reconnect people to themselves.  Rather than simply teaching people how to manage stress, we train people to show them how-through direct experience.  Trainings and workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of the HR and/or Wellness Directors as well as Department head.  Customized calendars, scheduling of sessions and weekly attendance reports.


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