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maripossa wellness Method


MARIPOSSA Wellness builds self-awareness by awakening the individuals’ mind-body connection and in so doing, facilitating a shift toward healthier daily behavior. Through experiential learning, our integrative, immersive instruction serves to educate, train, and empower participants to utilize these powerful self-care tools

In this way, MARIPOSSA gives individuals the ability to address and relieve symptoms of stress including chronic pains, exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia, and depression—all on their own. Results include increasing feelings of groundedness, relaxation, and energy; as well as improved productivity and professional performance, and reduced instances of workplace burnout.


MW Method Formats

MARIPOSSA Wellness programs offer customized wellness breaks for employees, over the course of their work day. The 30- and 60-minute sessions are taught on-site by MARIPOSSA instructors, or streamed online. When appropriate, sessions are scheduled back-to-back to provide flexibility for employee participationEmployees can remain in work attire.




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