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The Facts

Performance and health suffer in overwhelmed and chronically stressed employees.  Most traditional wellness programs only address the symptoms not the causes resulting in low engagement levels.  At the core, a Wellness Program is a philosophy built on a belief that employers can create a healthier workforce by providing preventative care education and sessions to impact behavior change.


Companies understand that having happier and self-aware employees benefits everyone as well as the bottom line.  "Whole Person" wellness is the focus-stress management, work-life balance, self-care and mindfulness.

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Get Started

The Maripossa Wellness Integrative program offers deepened well-being, and help individuals be their best selves through self-awareness practices which leads to more internal balance and higher energy.



About Maripossa


The Maripossa Wellness Method is an integrative approach to well-being that starts with small steps to reconnect people to themselves.  Rather than simply teaching people how to manage stress, we train people to show them how-through direct experience.  Trainings and workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of the HR and/or Wellness Directors as well as Department head.  Customized calendars, scheduling of sessions and weekly attendance reports.


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