Great leaders embody and continuously develop an awareness of their personal needs. Training cultivates presence, confidence and a sense of wellbeing prompted by the practice of self-care.

MW Method Training Format

Conducted over the course of two training sessions which can be tailored to suit intimate and larger groups.  These interactive classes build upon each other to create a network of interrelated activities and experiences providing attendees with the ability to make wise choices.


MW Method Training Focus

Good leaders embody and continuously cultivate awareness of their personal needs. These personal assessments ensure that as individuals, leaders can better articulate their strengths, gaps and challenges. By encouraging employees to cultivate their own health and wellness practice, leaders empower and create a positive and productive work experience for all.

MW Method Training Features

Learn how to access being fully present moment to moment, transforming stressful situations into opportunities to respond meaningfully and with an open mind that supports everyone's innate potential to perform at their best.