Maripossa Wellness designs programs with the input of our clients in order to address the organization's needs and set achievable goals for their wellness programs. We align the wellness objectives of the leadership team with the needs of the employees, accelerating a positive change in the work environment and employee engagement.

MW Method Formats

Maripossa Wellness offers customized 30 and 60 minute on-site and live on- line wellness breaks during the work day.  Sessions are taught back to back to provide flexibility for employee participation and do not require a change of clothing.


MW Method Focus

Awakens self-awareness by connecting the mind and body, and can lead to a shift in healthier daily behavior.

Empowers participants to “do it themselves” through experiential learning.

Improves productivity, performance and prevents burnout.

MW Method Features

An integrative approach that addresses and relieves symptoms such as stress, chronic pains, anxiety, insomnia and depression and reconnects the individuals with their bodies so they feel grounded and relaxed.

Participants leave each session more connected to their bodies and ready to take better care of themselves.